About Our Company


Our Business is an around the world leader in offering business fax options. As faxing, has progressed, from private facsimile machine in little workplaces to big business setups sending out countless faxes an hour, fax software application has actually developed with it. Our Business Solutions seeks to take this advancement to the next level-- by integrating the innovative Open Source fax software application Our Business with industry-leading hardware, service, and assistance.

Our Business task was founded in 1991 to develop a first-rate Open Source fax server. Consistent advancement has constructed a robust, scalable architecture that can match the efficiency of any exclusive fax server. The Open Source advancement design that Our Business job utilizes is one based upon peer evaluation; permitting anybody to see how the software application runs assists to make sure that just the highest quality software application is produced. It is this structure that Our Business Solutions have produced our flagship item, Our Business Edition, which is a boosted variation of Our Business for our most requiring business consumers.